Episode 9 - Same bricks different manufactures

Fridah and Lovey sold their house and bought a stand where they had aspirations of building a bigger and better house for their family. They went to Limbro Clay Bricks in Tzaneen to get a quotation for bricks to be used for their dream house. They were happy with the price they were quoted by the owner (Jan-Carl) and deposited the quoted amount of R16 900 into the Limbro Clay Bricks’ account. Jan-Carl promised they would receive their 13 000 bricks in two weeks’ time. Time passed and the bricks have not been delivered.  As disappointed by the poor service she went on and sought bricks from other brick manufactures to complete her house. She still wants her money back as her dream house is still incomplete due to insufficient funds. She feels she can still do a lot for her family with the money in Jan-Carl’s business’ possession.


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