Episode 11 - Panel Van: Wheels of Justice

In today’s episode we have a 55 year old, self-employed and an entrepreneur Simon Modupi. He is married and a father of three. Mr. Modupi  runs spaza shop from home. To supplement their spaza shop Mr Modupi and his wife agreed to buy a quantum that they will use to increase their income. Mr Modupi went to Boksburg Bargain Cars. The salesman explained everything about the quantum he saw which was R214 000. Mr Modupi traded-in his BMW 235d that is worth R30 000 and got finance from the bank. After a few visits to the dealership Mr Modupi finally got his quantum.  

While driving with his family he was stopped by Traffic officers and after inspection told him that the car he is driving is a three-seater panel van and not a quantum. The dealership is now sending him pillar to post and all that he wants is a proper taxi or they should just give him his money back.


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