Episode 10 - Leaking Roof

Mme Ntauleng Elizabeth Mkhonza is a 59 year old widow and mother of three boys. She is a self-employed woman runs a business of transporting school children for income. She makes R 7000 a month. In 2010, she noticed a problem with her galvanized flat roof. She saw marks on the roof caused by water leaking into her ceiling. She then asked Mr David Ndlovu to come fix the roof for her to which he charged R 30 500.

Mme Mkhonza paid Ndlovu the full amount asked before he had even finished the work. Not long after he claimed to have finished the job Mme Mkhonza started to see leaks even in places where it was not leaking before. Mr Ndlovu at this time was now nowhere to be found to fix his mess.


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