Episode 7 - Z & S Pitstop

In this episode we investigate Z & S Pitstop where Sibusiso Zwane’s right to fair and honest dealings was violated.

After Sibusiso Zwane’s 20 years’ of service as a Pick n Pay worker he decided to buy himself a car.  On the 6th of February 2013 he went to Laanglagte looking for a suitable garage to service his car when. He came across Z/S Pitstop that’s when his turmoil began.

The owner of the shop told him he needs to test drive it before that’s when he was told that it has a problem with a gearbox mountain. Perplexingly enough when he went outside he found the mechanics busy fixing his car without an agreement.

What saddens the complainant is when he calls the owner he can’t get hold of him, eventually he returned his call telling him that the delay is caused by his cousin not being able to work on the car during weekdays but only on weekends.

Three weeks later he returned to the workshop and found the owner unavailable. After a certain period of time he went back to the garage and was told to go back to where the car was. He rode with the owner to a particular workshop where he found two guys working on his engine and the supervisor informed the complainant that his car only came in 5 days back .His money was taken and his car was scrapped its been two months now and he still doesn’t have his car.

He approached then Speak Out to intervene for him.

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Episode 7 - Z & S Pitstop

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