The purpose of this episode is to expose/bring to light a Funeral Parlour that failed to deliver/render promised services to their client during their turmoil/ when they need them the most yet they have faithfully paid their premiums.

Johanna Sevhukwana is a 78 year old widow from Makhado, Limpopo. Her late husband Mr. Thomas Sevhukwana died in 2004.  She is a mother of four.Like every responsible mother, in 2002 she took out a funeral cover with SA Funeral Undertakers in Giyani. On 3rd May 2002 she went into the SA Funeral Undertakers -Giyani branch and took a policy with them and the initial agreed premiums were to be R60 per month and the money was collected at the pension pay point on monthly basis. She made one of her daughters, Dempie a beneficiary of her policy. Due to ill health Dempie passed away on the 03rd of January 2013 and this is when Mrs Sevhukwana’s ordeal began.

Mrs. Sevhukwana called Freddy Mongwe of SA Funeral Undertakers on Friday 04th January 2013 to inform him about the death so that they can come and collect the corpse for storage and funeral services. Mr. Freddy Mongwe promised her that he will send a driver to come do the collection.  Seeing that nobody was coming, the family again called Mr. Mongwe and he did not answer his phone. At that time the hospital was also putting pressure on the family to take their corpse because there was no enough storage.

The family then decided to take Dempie’s body to another funeral undertaker who conducted the services. Mrs. Sevhukwana borrowed money from the cash loans because she had no budget for the funeral knowing that everything was covered for at SA Funeral Services.

On Monday, 07th January 2013 Mrs. Sevhukwana called Mr. Freddy Mongwe to find out what should happen as they failed to render burial services. He told her that he was going somewhere and that as he was going to pass by their township Mrs. Sevhukwana must wait for their company car at the main road as he will be sending money.  Mme had to wait for 3 hours at the road with no sign of the messenger.

On the 09th of January 2013 she went to their offices in Giyani and there were two ladies, one by the name of Elisa Mongwe assisted them and told them to leave their banking details wherein money will be deposited. Until today money has not been deposited.

Mrs. Sevhukwana has being sent from pillar to post with no positive response and now is paying for the loan debt with her pension money. She therefore asked Speak Out to intervene.


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