Episode 18 - Moruti wa Tsotsi (Pots)

To bring to light the shady dealings of a priest who deceived a distant relative who is a member of his delegation and that relative’s Society Scheme.

Mrs. Eunice Mangena a 45-year-old lady is part of a collective of rural women called Pharare Working Group, which consist of 23 members. The group was conceived to be a bargaining council of sort, where they bought utensils people of their stock regularly needed as a collective, and then loaned them out to each other when their need arose. In January 2007 the group was looking for big pots (size 30) that they could use during events like funerals, weddings, parties and so forth around Tzaneen. Mavis Nkwashu recommended that they should purchase them from a distant relative of theirs, Mike Nkhwashu, a member of her congregation who manufactured pots. Mike was duly contacted, and told them their request of 23 pots amounted to R18 400 as one pot cost R800.Their agreement with Mike was that after the completion of the payments he will deliver two pots each month until he has done with the delivery of 23 aluminium pots.

Since September 2007 they only received two pots without lids and still awaiting 19 pots from Mike. He is now being elusive when they demand what is rightfully theirs. What’s worse is that he has relocated his business operation to a different workshop. Fortunately they have since managed to locate him. However, he has still to fulfil his obligations, opting to ignore their calls and refusing to meet with them when they seek resolution. 

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