Episode 17 - Borehole Drilling

The aim of this episode is to demonstrate how an unscrupulous businessman sought to con a single mother money that was intended to ensure that her family has a regular source of water. Speak Out investigates as Miss Ranto’s right to fair and honest dealings was violated.

Miss. Dennis Ranoto is a 35-year-old single mother of a 9 year old son, working as a Technical Official at Eskom. A resident of Ga-Matlala, a rural place in Limpopo, it is arid and the residents have to rely on communal taps and or buy water from neighbors. In January 2010, Miss Ranoto decided it was time they solved their water crisis at home. She then searched for a drilling company that would render that service. To this end, she approached T/A Boraametse Business Enterprises cc in Bok Street, Polokwane owned by Sello Mapaila. She spoke to a consultant of the company and was given a quotation of R22 350 to install the borehole, and given the contacts of the owner of the company to discuss the matter further. In February 2010 she phoned Mr. Mapaila to discuss the arrangements of the project. He told her that on top of the quotation, she would also need to pay R400 for transportation.

She made the necessary payments but the service provider failed to deliver the services. In 2012 March she saw him when in town and went to his offices. She asked him about her money and he promised to refund her and wrote a sworn statement stating that he would do that by the end of March 2012 of which he never did. He hasn’t paid nor contacted her ever since

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