Episode 15 - Event Planner from HELL

In this episode we investigate Mahomed Function Hire and Deco Services where a consumer’s right to fair and honest dealings was violated.

Mr. and Mrs. Madubanya are a couple from Gamasesane, Polokwane, who have been married for 35 years. They are pensioners, and they have five children. The couple decided to do a thanksgiving ceremony for their children’s achievements, as they had graduated from their respective tertiary institutions at different times. Mrs. Madubanya then informed the family that as far as the eateries of the ceremony are concerned, she would enlist the services of a caterer whose work she witnessed firsthand at a friend’s wedding in Seshego. She duly got the caterer’s contact details from the said friend and after subsequent telephonic enquiry; she visited him at his offices.

The caterer in question is a Mr. Mohamed of Mahomed Function Hire and Deco Services. After consultation, the two parties reached a consensus of what was desired for the ceremony and the costs thereof. Mr. Mahomed gave Mrs. Madubanya a quotation of R9 000.

Mahomed assured them that on Friday-the day before the ceremony everything will be ready. He eventually arrived around 21h00.The problem was the items he delivered. The tent was smaller than the size agreed upon, and it was also the wrong colour. After some arguing about the issue, he agreed to go fetch the correct tent. Instead of the 200 agreed upon water bottles, he only left one bottle, saying it served as proof that he would return.

He then said that he would be back at 4h00am to erect the tent. On Saturday-the date of the ceremony- they waited and waited and he never showed up at the agreed time. Worried at his non-show up, they started calling Mahomed and he kept ignoring their calls. He eventually answered their call at 09h00 and said he was still searching for the right tent.  One and a half hours later, he had still to show up. With the ceremony billed for 11h00, the family decided to get ready and started without the tent, mobile toilets, DVD camera, water bottles and t-shirts from Mahomed.

They resorted to using 50 chairs borrowed the Society scheme that her mother belonged to. The event was therefore hosted without the tent, the guests seated on chairs in front of the yard.

After the ceremony they made contact with Mahomed who promised to refund them but did not keep to his word. When their patience eventually wore-off, the family took Mahomed to the Small Claims Court. The court found in their favour but Mahomed still is not abiding by the court order. Instead, he continues with his business unabated as proven with another complaint Speak Out has received about his shady operation.


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