Episode 14 - Peacemaker

In this episode we investigate “Peacemakers and Family Health Care” where the complainants “RIGHTS TO FAIR AND RESPONSIBLE MARKETING’ were violated.

Suppliers are not permitted to promote any goods or services or automatically enter consumer into agreements for the supply of goods or services, i.e. if consumers receive unwanted or unsolicited goods or services, they are under no obligation to pay for these goods or services.

A group of students from “Peacemakers and Family Health Care” all coming from different areas of the country are being misled by their college. They all joined the “school “with the view to improve their lives, as they come from impoverished backgrounds. Take Lindiwe Nhlapo as an example. Originally from Secunda in Mpumalanga, she left her home province to pursue her studies with the aforementioned institution. A single mother of two, she enrolled at Peacemaker in 2012 and commenced her studies on the 7th May of the same year; leaving her aunt to look after her kids. Her kids being her inspiration in life, sadly, the aunt who was looking after them has since passed on. Lindiwe sells atchaar to make ends meet, and after initially renting a flat in the Johannesburg CBD at a monthly rate of R15000, she has since moved to Soweto where she rents a shack.  

The total amount of the course they enrolled for at Peacemaker is R12 760.00. This excludes the mysterious R5 they have to pay weekly, and there is also a R100 interest fee if they have not paid their monthly fees.

Peacemaker was initially registered with the body on 09th May 2008 but it lapsed on 10th of May 2012. The implication of this is that even after completion of the course they will not qualify to work in the industry they assume they are being trained to work in.

Upon approaching HWSETA, the complainants also found out that the manuals they are using were outdated. Even those who have completed their course cannot graduate because the institution won’t allow them too. Lindiwe is anxious that as soon as she completes her training she will not be able to graduate. All that she ever wanted together with her follow schoolmates was to study, be able to purse their careers of choice and be able to maintain their families. Instead they now find themselves in this quagmire. As recourse they want to be reimbursed for their monies so that they can purse their careers with a reputable school that is registered with the relevant structures.

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