Episode 23 - Windowless

To expose/bring to light the Manufacturer who took money from a consumer for services that he still failed to render.

Mr. Phumlaphi Masuku is a 49 year old family man who was born and upraised in Soweto. After receiving his retirement money he saw this as an opportunity for a start-up for his family to have the house of their dreams.

He bought land and in 2011 started with the plans for the building project. He submitted the house plan to the municipality and as he awaited their response; he purchased all the necessities for building. He bought all the other material except for the window frame as he was still looking out for affordable ones.  He even travelled as far as Vanderbijlpark in search for window frames. All the quotes he got were either R30 000 or R40 000. He then decided to go to Midway Industrial in Soweto where he came across a company called JSN Aluminium Project Works who manufactures the frames and he found their quotation to be reasonable. All the window frames they were looking for were amounted to R28 000 and the owner of the company Sammy agreed to a reasonable discount should they purchase from him.

On the 17 April 2011 Phumlaphi Masuku in the presence of his wife Delight Masuku, purchased from JSN Aluminium Project Works aluminium windows to the value around R24 900. He promised to deliver the windows within three weeks being the 4th May 2011 and he never did. Mr. Masuku started contacting him telephonically and went to his business place to enquire about what the problem might be that he failed to deliver and he kept on promising to deliver yet he failed to do so.

Mr. Masuku had to leave the country in June 2011 and he thought that Sammy will deliver during that period, he kept phoning him to enquire why is he taking forever and Sammy kept making empty promises when he returned at the end of September 2011.Mr Masuku continued to follow up on the windows matter and Sammy kept promising but never fulfilled his promises yet again.

When Mr. Masuku tries calling him, his phone would at times be answered by his sister who normally promises to get Sammy to call them and this would not happen. Mr. Masuku has reached a stage where the project of building a house is completed, and still Sammy does not deliver after 27 months of the business transaction. The builder finished building the house early July 2012 and Mr. Masuku is now ready for fitting as Sammy promised as per contract agreement.  
Mr. Masuku has no money to purchase the materials from another supplier as his wife is ill and not working. If Sammy and his company are not made to deliver it will be difficult for them to move in their house as they chose him for his lesser quotes than other two suppliers. It is almost three years now and prices might have gone up and they want to occupy the house.


Speak Out Expert

National Consumer Commission
Bulelwa Hewu- Section Head, Business Education
Address:  Berkely Office Park, No. 08 Bauhinia Street, Technopark, Highveld, Centurion.
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Tel: 012 761 3400 / 012 761 3215

Episode 22 - Furniture store refusing with my wall unit

The purpose of this episode is to expose/bring to light the shady dealings of furniture shop that is robbing tons of people off their monies and promising to deliver, yet never lives up to those obligations.

Miss. Anna Motloung, aged 56 is a mother of one residing in Zamdela, Sasolburg. She decided to go to the stores looking for some furniture in Sasolburg and went into the store where she usually buys her furniture in January 2012. The saleslady from the store advised her to go to the store next door which she claimed that she could get what she wanted at a lower price. She then went to that store (S & N Furniture) as advised and saw a single bed (R2 000), double bed (R3 000), wall unit (R7 900) and a fridge (R5 000) which indeed were cheaper than other shops. Miss Motloung was assisted by Mr. Tienie and his wife (the owners of S & N Furniture) and was given the options of purchase and she decided to opt for a lay buy. She then made lay buy deposit of R500 on the items and continued paying until the purchase amount was covered up. The two beds and a fridge were delivered in November 2012 upon the final payment receipt, but Miss Motloung was told that the wall unit would be delivered in December 2012 as it was not available in the store at that time. It was never delivered and she ended going back to the store to enquire and was told that she would receive it in January 2013. January passed yet nothing ensued. Yet the wall unit was fully paid for by Miss Motloung but the shop failed to deliver on their agreement till today. Miss Motloung therefore asked Speak Out to intervene on her behalf.

Speak Out Expert
National Consumer Commission

Phumeza Mlungu – Head (advocacy, education and awareness division)
Address:  Berkely Office Park, No. 08 Bauhinia Street, Technopark, Highveld, Centurion.
Tel: 012 761 3400
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Episode 21 - Oh No!it’s Hennie again

Hennie’s Motor Industry

To expose/bring to light the shady dealings of a car dealer that is always keen to receive money for vehicles displayed and promise delivery, yet never lives up to those obligations.

Mr. Tankie Petrus Marupin, a 46 year old from Klerksdorp.Bought a car with Exact Auto Worx owned by the gentleman named Hennie. Mr. Maruping went to the dealership and found Hennie (Owner) and was told to pay the money in cash. He expected to get the car on the day but Hennie asked him to come back the following day for collection. Regardless of being denied the car, he continued being a loyal customer and paying his instalments until he made a last payment in May 2011. He was sent from pillar to post by Hennie and after a long struggle he managed to get the car but with no papers.

Mr. P.L. Mokoena a 70 year old pensioner also made a payment of R10 000 to Hennie Heyman of Exact Auto Worx in Klerksdorp for a Mazda Etude. He was promised that he would receive the car after paying the deposit of R10 000 and the agreement was that he will pay R1 000 for period of months to make up for the R15 000 purchase amount. He never got a car instead Hennie kept on promising him to come collect the car day after day yet failed to give it to him.

Speak Out Expert

Retail Motor Industry (RMI)
Vishal Premlal (Director-Tyre Dealers and Fitment Centre Association)
Address: Surrey Square Office Park, 330 Surrey Avenue,Ferndale,Randburg
Tell: 011 88 66 300
Website: www.rmi.org.za

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