Speak Out, is an investigative reality show on SABC 2 that assists viewers and consumers who have been scammed, 'taken for a ride', or robbed out of their hard-earned money through poor or bad service, substandard goods delivered and dishonest business practices. Speak Out plays the role of a ‘watchdog’ and ensures that a fair outcome or resolution for the consumer is achieved; reminding the public to be more cautious in their everyday dealings with business.

Through our fearless presenter and complainant we go after the wrong doers who prey on uninformed consumers.

The show travels all over the country engaging disgruntled consumers; educating them about their rights and businesses about their responsibilities towards their customers.

The Current Series: Speak Out Series 9

The current Speak Out season 9 is bigger and better with its new Consumer Rights presenter Lesley Musina who is also a popular household brand through his television acting and presenting experience.

Season 9 of Speak Out is more bolder, factual, educative and entertaining. This season investigates and exposes issues that most South African consumers struggle with. The consumer rights violations that we address are more broader and run across many different industries. This season aims to educate and empower our complainants, consumers, businesses and viewers in terms of consumer rights.

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